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Dr. Chin completed both medical school with honors and his residency training in Orthopedic Surgery at Harvard University.


He spent four years as a fulltime academic spine surgeon at the University of Pennsylvania, where he was recruited to become the Chief of Spine Surgery. After spending time with countless patients and colleagues, Dr. Chin came to understand the importance of lessening patient exposure to radiation, helping to preserve patient anatomy, and minimizing blood loss and healing time. With few spinal technology companies adhering to these ideals, Dr. Chin took it upon himself to push forward the evolution of the Orthopedic Spine Surgery landscape.


Dr. Chin's life as a Surgeon-Inventor began with the ideation of both the MANTIS and FacetFuse surgical devices. Behind the creation of these devices, Dr. Chin stated, was one motivation, "At the core of my endeavors is the desire to help patients"


In so doing, Dr. Chin laid the foundations for what would become a truly innovative philosophy, catering not only to the needs of practicing orthopedic spine surgeons but also by to the needs of their countless patients around the world.

Orthopaedic Text Book by Kingsley R. Chin, M.D.

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"This book is an outstanding vehicle to enter the bone disease world. It is a superb product and effort"

– J. M. Lane, MD

Department of Orthopaedic Surgery,
Hospital for Special Surgery New York, NY





Less Exposure Surgery is
the New Minimally Invasive Surgery

Dr. Chin invented techniques and devices for Less Exposure Surgery, which allow inpatient and outpatient surgeries to be possible on patients that other surgeons may deem inoperable because the patients conditions are too complex or they are too advanced in age for treatment.


Less Exposure Surgery (LES) describes surgical procedures that are performed on the spine with minimal damage to the soft tissue......